"I Will Follow is one of the best films i've seen about coming to terms with the death of a loved one. Big thumbs up! Beverly Todd, a beautiful woman who has been in countless movies and TV shows since the late 1960s, has an important presence here in many flashbacks, some of them dreamy or fragmented, as Amanda. She easily evokes the magic May must have felt, and that gives weight to the present-day scenes."
- Roger Ebert

"..the film's collection of finely-tuned, excellent performances especially from Ms. Richardson-Whitfield, Ms. Todd and Mr. Hardwick. Each of then brings balance, wisdom and maturity to their work."
- Omar P.L. Moore

"And its cast, comprised of seasoned thespians Beverly Todd, who's divine here...unquestionably delivers. I believed them all."
- Tambay, Shadow and Act